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Stopping smoking is hard work. It’s an intense mix of self-knowledge, resolve, timing, and planning.

The simple view is that we wake up one day, say that smoking is bad for us, and then we quit… That may happen for some, but for most that is just the beginning.

Quitters achieve a personal mix of optimizing the environment (e.g., triggers, social support), the behavioural (e.g., mood, anxiety, automatic thoughts, optimism), and biology (e.g., managing withdrawal).

As George Sanayana said “Habit is stronger than reason.” and thus quitting requires more than reason. It requires a plan and some back up plans.

No matter where you are on your journey there are great resources out there which can help.  Check out Our Stuff and our picks from the rest of what’s out there.  Did we miss something awesome?  Tell us about the sites, books, apps and other tools that have helped you quit.


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