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PSA test for Prostate Cancer: Yes or no??

Man Oh Man I wish I had a simple answer here.. Sorry, but you are not going to get a black and white answer here and it depends on your read… bottom line is that it is not a superstar test and there are many pre-suppositions that need to be explained.. such as..
-Tests are right or wrong. Right?
-If i get cancer, I need to get it out. Right?
-Prostate Cancer might not kill all the time.. but most of the time. Right?
-All my friends that have had their prostate cancer removed with no return of cancer have had the best outcome. Right?
-More testing is better. Right?
– Most older men dont have prostate cancer. Right?
– All the big health organizations agree. Right?
It goes on and on (hint: answer to all above is the same). Plus cancer is very emotional. Plus this is a lot of math and a lot of grey.

So here’s my go at explaining . . .

We found our first draft too much info– so we pulled out this section for people just looking at the stats on the test..

Thanks to Kaiser Permanente– who have been a great partner and just looking for the truth.

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