Reframe Health Lab combines communications and behaviour change
with patient and care provider engagement


Video Development

Effective communication first needs to capture the audience’s interest, then provide the information in a clear, relatable way. We tell evidence-based stories that entertain and educate people at the same time. Our storytelling approach starts with writing scripts that are ...
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Dr. Mike Evans Whiteboard Series

Reframe Health Lab was first formed to develop the Dr. Mike Evans Whiteboard video series. Over the course of five years, Reframe worked with Dr. Mike to create over 50 videos in 9 languages. These videos have been viewed over ...
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Care Provider Engagement & Education

Connecting and communicating with care providers is significantly different than the general public. At the same time, gaining the attention of care providers is best accomplished by speaking to them on a human as opposed to professional level. Reframe Health ...
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St. Mike’s Hospital Reframe the Clinic

The Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Program at St. Michael’s Hospital was initially looking to inform their colleagues in emergency and family medicine on treating patients with hemophilia. Reframe developed a whiteboard video that spoke directly to the care providers, but also ...
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Locker Room Doctor: Talking Men’s Health in Their Natural Habitat

Men don’t often talk to each other about their health. Unless something is obviously broken, bleeding like crazy, or painful for a month or two, we tend to keep it to ourselves. We noticed a funny phenomenon, for some reason ...
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Make Your Day Harder: Simple Ways to Be More Active

Many of us suffer from a new type of ailment, sitting disease. Even those people who hit the gym a few times each week can experience the negative health effects brought on by being sedentary for long periods of time. ...
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