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Hemo 4
The Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Program at St. Michael’s Hospital was initially looking to inform their colleagues in emergency and family medicine on treating patients with hemophilia. Reframe developed a whiteboard video that spoke directly to the care providers, but also determined they would also benefit from a quick summary of key points, especially in urgent situations. Upon further exploration we identified a great solution that improved the patient experience as well and achieved the clinical objective.

The clinic was previously writing out a paper ‘wallet card’ for each patient with their personal treatment information in case of emergency. Understandably, patients would often lose or damage the paper card. The solution started with an online form, the clinic team would type in the patient details instead of writing them on the wallet card.

This single form generated a number of different outputs:

A digital ‘wallet card’ patients can download to their phone. This wallet card also included the 5 key points other care providers need to know when treating a person with hemophilia.
View a sample Digital Wallet Card here For patient security these are password protected, in this case 0521.

A plastic wallet card printed with the patient treatment information for those who preferred a physical card instead of the digital version.
View a sample Printed Card here

An email copy of the patient card for the clinic records. In fact this saved the clinic time as they no longer needed to photocopy the paper card for their records.