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Locker Room Doctor: Talking Men’s Health in Their Natural Habitat

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Project Description

Men don’t often talk to each other about their health. Unless something is obviously broken, bleeding like crazy, or painful for a month or two, we tend to keep it to ourselves. We noticed a funny phenomenon, for some reason guys seem to open up and discuss life issues more freely in the locker room. It usually starts with a joke, leads to a shared experience, and can start a real discussion where men talk openly and seek insight from their peers.

To encourage guys having these conversations in their own lives, we modeled the behaviour in a fun way they can relate to. We talk about things that are relevant to guys: Will a vasectomy kill my manhood? What should I do if someone has a cardiac event on the ice? Why am I peeing so often?

With support from our sponsors at Movember and the Telus Fund, we’ve developed original content and started conversations between the guys themselves online and, most importantly, in their own loves.

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