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Utilizing the most appropriate mix of infographics, website and apps to connect with and support the audience.

Portfolio Diet with St. Michael’s Hospital and University of Toronto

A common challenge we hear from care providers is encouraging changes in behaviour to their patients. In the case of Dr. John Sievenpiper, an associate professor and PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellow in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, he wanted a simple guide to explain the portfolio diet to patients. This guide also needed to give patients the ability to quickly identify elements that appealed to their own personal lifestyle and preferences.

After discussing with the subject matter experts and understanding the key elements of the diet itself, Reframe developed an infographic that not only guided people on what to eat, but explained in a very simple way what the diet is and how it impacts their cholesterol levels.

Portfolio Diet Final Rev s

Choosing Wisely Canada

Working with Choosing Wisely Canada, Reframe developed a fully bilingual campaign including a video, online infographic, discussion guides for use by health care providers and patients together, and posters. The project was also supported by the College of Family Physicians of Canadian and University of Toronto


In Gauge Research, University of Manitoba

Dr. Roberta Woodgate, Professor and CIHR Applied Chair in Reproductive, Child and Youth Health Services and Policy Research approached Reframe with an interesting challenge. Grant reviewers were not understanding her overall vision, objectives and how her different projects supported each other

Reframe used Roberta’s proposals, summaries as research, to develop the content outline. We discussed at length with Roberta and her team to ensure their vision as accurately represented, and crafted the story they want to tell. We then designed the infographic to convey her message in the clearest way possible.

In Gauge Woodgate Infographic-page-001

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