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What’s the single best diet for your health?
The quick answer would be: there isn’t one.

Despite what all the internet ads and TV commercials tell you, the science suggests there is no one, perfect formula for healthy eating or for losing weight.

But there are lots of things you can do to upgrade your eating habits and ultimately improve your health and quality of life.

1 – I’d say start with getting a bit more informed: Check out our Healthy Eating 101 Whiteboard (below), which we put together with the input of lots of experts. It reviews the evidence and can hopefully help cut through all the mixed messages you get everyday about food and diets.

2 – Then think about your type. When making changes to your behaviours it’s really helpful to understand what your default settings are. Are you a grazer, do you eat out a lot, is time management a problem? No need for very complicated self analysis. Instead it’s about a bit of reflection on your current eating behaviours so you can make effective tweaks and changes which you’re more likely to stick to long-term.

3 – Check out your environment and daily routines. Can you do some planning ahead and build your “choice architecture” to help nudge yourself towards healthier options? Pre-chop those veggies to leave at the front of the fridge? Switch the jar of jelly-beans on your desk for some almonds? Try out smaller dinner plates? How can you make the healthy option easier? There’s a lot of psychology to this eating thing. For more on the science of food choice have a browse of Dr. Brian Wansink’s Cornell University Food and Brand Lab site

And don’t forget the bigger picture – where eating is part of a cascade of behaviours (check out our It’s Not Just One Thing infographic below).

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