Reframe Health Lab combines communications and behaviour change
with patient and care provider engagement

Bring Your Vision for a Whiteboard Video to Life

Are you a Health Care Practitioner (Doc, Nurse, Physio, Chiro etc…) who wants to get a message out? Engage Reframe Health Films to develop your own custom whiteboard video. You’re the subject matter expert, we’re experts in writing engaging, educational scripts and developing fun, informative visuals. Our own Dr. Mike Evans whiteboard series has reached over 16 million views and 80,000 subscribers.

We collaborate with you to craft the script in our unique storytelling approach. Our creative and illustration teams come up with all the visual needed to bring your story to life in one of our trademark styles. While hand illustrated whiteboard videos are still our most popular, we have a number of styles to choose from.

This turnkey service is ideal for explaining medical issues to patients, sharing best practice and insight with health care providers, or promoting a service.

Let’s talk about your vision for a video, say hello at [email protected]