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A Re-think of the Way we Drink


When it comes to drinking we get a lot of mixed messages – from the media, from family and friends and even from the medical community. It can be difficult to know what a healthy relationship with alcohol looks like.

Historically the issue has been painted in black and white i.e. you’re either an alcoholic or you’re not.

Today’s experts (researchers, doctors, patients etc.) are thinking more in shades of grey, re-framing problematic drinking as more of a continuum.

In this interview with CBC Fresh Air I talk to Mary Ito about why those of us who choose to imbibe might want to take the time to stop and reflect on why, when and how much we drink to figure out whether we want to make changes to your drinking habits.

Since it can have an impact on both your physical and mental health, it’s also a good topic to bring up with your family doctor – then the two of you can re-think the way you drink together.

For an even deeper-dive into this issue check out our whiteboard.



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